Compensation to Drive Results

Dynamic Connections shares its financial successes with its employees who work hard every day for the customer. The DIG (Drive Independent Growth) plan was established to reinforce the culture of accountability throughout the organization.

The engine of the company are the Account Managers who work every day in operations or “Solutions” as we call it. Outside sales representatives work to identify opportunities in the marketplace and bring it back to “Solutions” for ongoing nurturing.

Accountability for customer results and growth are reinforced by assigning ownership of each account to a specific team – Delta, Zulu, & Bravo. In addition to the traditional commission program that rewards the outside representatives, the DIG program was created to reward the Account Managers. In order to promote the overall company objectives, yet incent individual performance, the DIG plan is partially based on overall company performance, in addition to a personal performance component that is based on the results they are directly responsible for.

This program is a “win-win” internally and externally. The financial incentives provided to the employees have resulted in improved service levels and satisfaction for customers as well as exponential growth for the company since its inception. The Green team appreciates the guidance, ability to contribute to the success of the company and strong compensation plan.

Growth & Success

Dynamic Connections recognizes that success is achieved through the efforts of all employees within the company. As such, the company is committed to investing in its workforce by hiring dedicated, talented people and providing them with the tools and training they need to succeed.

We embrace a culture of immediate individual performance feedback to support each person in reaching their full potential. In addition, formal individual performance appraisals are prepared annually comparing the individual’s performance against the core competencies and behavioral characteristics developed for each role.


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