Who We Are

Dynamic Connections offers completely integrated logistics solutions to meet our customer’s individual needs while maintaining a high level of consistency through communication and customer service. Our solutions may change, but our disciplined Customer Success Cycle (CSC) operational process remains the same for every order. Our consistent service and communication gives you the peace of mind to understand what you are getting each time, on every shipment. We strive to be an extension of your company with the goal to assist in your profitable growth by building a bridge of success between all parties through Competent, Confident, Communication. We understand that each shipment is a step in the profit chain of both your company and your customer. We support the chain and its future with our CSC on every opportunity. We will start as a supplier and grow to become your “Partner to Success” for the future.


Through technology Dynamic Connections is successful in building a stronger link with our customers and partners. Our cloud based Synergistic software allows for easy interfaces internally and externally, making communication of information effective and efficient. Our commitment is to continually improve our Customer Success Cycle and daily processes through technological advancements. We offer full online visibility with track and trace, proof of delivery, and invoicing. Unique to Dynamic Connections are our proactive daily updates detailing the progress of each of your shipments, providing you with the information you need to integrate with your customer. We use technology to measure our role in your costs of goods sold, to assure that you are being provided with the optimal transportation solution. We are working on advancing our software to build a platform that strengthens your position with your customer from a sales and management perspective, allowing us to take transportation to the next level within your organization. The result is information that will assist you more effectively. Our team is constantly looking for new ways to improve how we do things through the tools of technology and are excited to continue to make developments.


We are built like a family with our only objective being to take care of our customers and their customers. Our commitment and dedication creates comfort and trust for a long term partnership with our customers. We understand issues arise in transportation and we jump to find solutions, following the principle that a problem is simply a new opportunity for success. Our colors, words and mantra are painted on our walls to remind us everyday of our goals and objectives. Knowing most of all to value your time and needs while believing in honesty, detail and communication in regards to your product. The Green Team is innovative, excited and thirsty for knowledge, attacking each shipment with a fresh outlook to assure that you recieve the product to best suit your requirements. Dynamic Connections truly is a team. We are always growing as an organization so please email us your resume at careers@dynamicconnections.com if you would like to join our team.

MAD Movement

To spread goodwill throughout the world, Dynamic Connections’ owner Chris Giles founded the Make A Difference Movement to recognize people who Make A Difference in other’s lives. The team at Dynamic Connections embraces this philosophy and carries it into the workplace to Make a Difference in your business. We plan to Make A Difference in your business and understand that integrating this same level of care to the rest of our lives will only help make the world stronger together. The MAD Movement day on November 8th is being taken world wide as we ask people to reach out to others and let them know how they made a difference in their lives. If everyone in the world worked together to appreciate those that are around them, we could help to change the world. Please help us by joining the MAD Movement on Facebook and Twitter or for more information please check out www.madmovement.org.