Meet The GreenTeam – Taha Chaudhry

Dynamic has recently Welcomed to our team, in the capacity of Jr Account Manager, Taha Quayyum!

Taha has already solidified himself within the office as being positive, and willing to take on a challenge. He is our office Bowling Hype man – “1 pin, 1 ball, Lets do this!”

Lets all welcome to the GreenTeam, Taha!

Dynamic Connections Bowling Night 2023

Last night, the GreenTeam took on our November social in ROLLING good fashion! We stepped up and had a STRIKING time together – lots of fun was had and no pins were SPARED!

Thank you to the social team for arranging our November event. We can’t wait until December’s event!

Congratulations to Steve with the high individual score of 178!!

Meet The GreenTeam – Marianita Simmons

This week, we are featuring our in house adventurer and hiking expert. Ladies, and Gentleman, Marianita Simmons!

Meet The GreenTeam – Gagandeep Singh

Gagandeep Singh is one of our newest hires at Dynamic Connections and we love the strides he is already making with the Solutions team. Come join us in another week of Meet the GreenTeam!

Meet The GreenTeam – Mike Marsic

Introducing – our Solutions Account Manager, and Training and Development Manager, Mr. Mike Marsic! Take a look, and meet the latest member of the GreenTeam!

Meet The GreenTeam – Mueed Fiaz

Happy Friday, lets let out a collective, “We Made It!”

This week’s feature of Meet The GreenTeam welcomes our Staff Accountant Mueed! Mueed has been a fantastic part of the DC team, and is the mind behind our GreenTeam step Challenge this year. Everyone meet, Mueed Fiaz!

DC Steps Challenge 2023

During the month of October, Dynamic Connections participated in a Steps Challenge – competing in teams for the 1st place spot!

Thank you to the teams below for your participation and dedication to being #1! Although we could only have 1 team in first place, everyone was a winner this time around!

Our clever teams consisted of – 
  • Tom Walkmore & Co.
  • The Ministry of Silly Walks
  • Feet = Kill-em-Meters
  • Holy Walkamolies
  • Step Brothers
  • The Walking Dead
  • Cirque du Sore Legs
  • Sole Survivors
  • Witness the Fitness
  • Heart and Sole
With a 95% participation rate, Dynamic employees average steps increased by a whopping 37% because of this challenge! The team completed this friendly competition with 9,288,555 total steps – congratulations to everybody who participated! The dedication to this competition truly showed on our mid-day daily office walks. As shown in the pictures – we had 100% of in-office employees join the walk for the first time ever!

Big shoutout to team Tom Walkmore & Co. for achieving the highest average steps – 13,310. This team showcased their competitive nature alongside improving their mental and physical wellbeing through daily walks.

Last but certainly not least – CONGRATULATIONS to our 1st place individual steps winner – Nick Chavez!
Nick completed this challenge with a mighty 844, 370 steps independently! Way to go, Nick!

Thank you again, and kudos to every employee that took part. We received positive feedback stating weight loss, improved mental wellbeing,  spending more time with their dogs & kids, and much more. We appreciate everyone who helped organize this amazing month – we are all looking forward to next years, now annual, event!

Lets get walking!

Your favorite “health nuts”,
The GreenTeam

Meet The GreenTeam – Allie Oyler

Dynamic Connections welcomes back an old employee in a new role, and our resident Animal and Plant lover here at DC. Welcome this week to “Meet the GreenTeam, Allie Oyler!

Meet The GreenTeam – Iain Pittman

Happy Friday! We are back with Meet The GreenTeam and today, we have one of our newer highers with Iain P.! Iain joined the GreenTeam at the beginning of September as a Business Development Manager.

Take a look at the photos to learn more about Iain!

Meet The GreenTeam – Amanda Limbo


Happy Halloween, and welcome back to Meet the GreenTeam!

We have recently welcomed Amanda Limbo to Dynamic Connections in the role of Jr Account Manager. Amanda has already taken large steps in her development, and is on the way to big things at Dynamic Connections! Lets say Hi!

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