DC Steps Challenge 2023

During the month of October, Dynamic Connections participated in a Steps Challenge – competing in teams for the 1st place spot!

Thank you to the teams below for your participation and dedication to being #1! Although we could only have 1 team in first place, everyone was a winner this time around!

Our clever teams consisted of – 
  • Tom Walkmore & Co.
  • The Ministry of Silly Walks
  • Feet = Kill-em-Meters
  • Holy Walkamolies
  • Step Brothers
  • The Walking Dead
  • Cirque du Sore Legs
  • Sole Survivors
  • Witness the Fitness
  • Heart and Sole
With a 95% participation rate, Dynamic employees average steps increased by a whopping 37% because of this challenge! The team completed this friendly competition with 9,288,555 total steps – congratulations to everybody who participated! The dedication to this competition truly showed on our mid-day daily office walks. As shown in the pictures – we had 100% of in-office employees join the walk for the first time ever!

Big shoutout to team Tom Walkmore & Co. for achieving the highest average steps – 13,310. This team showcased their competitive nature alongside improving their mental and physical wellbeing through daily walks.

Last but certainly not least – CONGRATULATIONS to our 1st place individual steps winner – Nick Chavez!
Nick completed this challenge with a mighty 844, 370 steps independently! Way to go, Nick!

Thank you again, and kudos to every employee that took part. We received positive feedback stating weight loss, improved mental wellbeing,  spending more time with their dogs & kids, and much more. We appreciate everyone who helped organize this amazing month – we are all looking forward to next years, now annual, event!

Lets get walking!

Your favorite “health nuts”,
The GreenTeam

Dynamic Escapes the Room!

Team Glue Guys and team Brain Guys takes a stab at riddles and clues to escape! 

DC Soccer Night

Our Dynamic Team got the ball rolling together with exercise, fun, and friendly competition for our World Cup of soccer/football event. An amazing display of team play, with communication and positioning for goal setting and scoring. ⚽️ Final score: Team World 🌎 5, Team Canada 🇨🇦 4. 🏆


The Greenteam had an amazing night playing softball and soccer baseball – ending in a tie of “fun-fun”!

Another successful night of team bonding, friendly competition, support and lot’s of laughs for Dynamic Connections! Despite uncontrollable delays, we were able to beat the rain and make the night a home-run!

Thank you to everyone who made it out and contributed to the set up, we couldn’t do it without you!

Your biggest sports fans,
The Dynamic Greenteam

Dynamic Paint Night!

Big thank you to Tanya Zbili Art for bringing out the Greenteam’s inner artists! 

Congratulation’s to Chad for being Tanya’s artist of the evening!

Similar to our day to day lives at Dynamic, “trust the process” truly played a huge role in last nights paint night.

Logistics by day, artist’s by night.

Best wishes and happy weekend from the soon-to-be Picasso crew!

Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak from our family to yours!

Today we had a team pot-luck filled with Lamb, Kofta and much more in celebration of Eid.
Moustafa and Farjad came fully prepared wearing their Thobe’s.

Thank you to everyone who participated and brought in delicious food.

Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating.
The Dynamic GreenTeam

Meet The Dynamic Dogs!



Here at Dynamic Connections, we appreciates every single one of our employees – even the furriest ones. Our team has created a culture in which we can brighten the office even further with the option to bring our four-legged friends from home.

The logistics industry can be a demanding and at times overwhelming environment – with the option to step a side for a belly rub, we strive to maintain a stress-free environment.

Here’s to our current pups, and those to come.

Raptors vs. Bulls Game

Another successful Dynamic Connection’s event went underway last night at the Toronto Raptors vs. Chicago Bulls game.

Despite Toronto’s tough loss, the night was a WIN in the Greenteam’s eyes. The contagious energy and good company led us to an amazing evening filled with F U N and a lot of cheering, never a dull moment in sight.

A huge thank you to our team members who were able to make this happen.

Go Rap-Tors!
Your Dynamic Connection’s Greenteam

2022 Making A Holiday Difference

We are honoured to be back this Holiday Season to help the Oakville Fare Share Food Bank prepare food for those in need. At Dynamic Connections we are strong believers that it is not about what you SAY, but what you DO. Our actions are what can make a difference, and we had the privilege to be invited back by the Food Bank to provide food and assistance.

A huge thank you goes out to our team members who donated food and their time!

Volleyball 2022

Dynamic Connections is proud of our team; the greatest, most collaborative, courteous, innovative professionals in the industry.

Evidently, the best team of volleyball players as well!

Communication is essential in our partnership with your team, and your customers similarly in volleyball. We are proud to SERVE our clients and partners, BUMP action atop our solution queue, SET-UP a project for success, and SPIKE! delivery together safely and on-time to customer/installation.

The world of logistics certainly has it’s share of mis-hits, but our problem solving group builds solutions to keep your ball in the air safely.

Yours on the court and worldwide,
The Dynamic Connections Team

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