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Making A Difference This Holiday Season

When it comes to the holidays, most of us spend it with family and friends around a table celebrating the season enjoying a beautiful meal.  But unfortunately, there are many families that struggle to have that during the holidays.

At Dynamic Connections, our MAD movement philosophy “Make A Difference” was our key focus for the holidays.  We wanted to give back because its not always about how much you get, but more about how much you GIVE.  With this, our company decided to give back to our community and to an organization that is always in high demand this time of year.  

On Nov 27th, the Dynamic Connections Team partnered up with our local Oakville Fare Share Food Bank to help them with all that they do.  

The organizer Lisa Cormier has a huge heart and excepted our group with open arms.  After a quick briefing from Lisa and an understanding that over 500 families rely on this food bank every month, we were quickly put to work.  

We broke into teams and with attention to detail on the top of our minds, we checked expiration dates, packaged laundry detergent, organized donation bags, sorted a variety or perishable goods, and created an assembly line to create the snack bags for all the kids that are supported by this fabulous organization.  

We managed to help complete a hand full of projects that were well appreciated by their team of volunteers.  It was a great night giving back to our community.

Escape Room


To be successful in a competitive industry, we need to work together as a team and coordinate our efforts to achieve our goals.

The Dynamic Connections team took part in a team building activity at Confundrum Escape Rooms in Burlington, ON to build on those same skills, but in a somewhat more laid back environment!

Three Dynamic Teams pursued ahead to explore cyber space, unlock the mysteries of Da Vinci’s office and conquer Black Beard’s Brig.

Our mission was to solve the puzzles, unlock the riddles & escape before time runs out. A great time was had by all, and we all got our creative and analytic minds going.

Through coordinated effort, teamwork & determination, the same principles that we apply at work each day, the Dynamic team was able to successfully conquer these challenges!

Climbing Event

In our personal and professional lives, the world presents obstacles to climb, overcome, and conquer.
The Dynamic Green Team took on the challenge together with a team building event at Aspire Climbing in Milton, ON.
As we do every day, we competed in teams and  pushed our respective and collective limits.
Four teams went head to head in two events.  The Rock climbing wall, where teammates raced up the wall in a timed competition.
The Canadian Ninja Warrior event, where teams were assigned to a relay race across the course, with the fastest team winning.
There were moment of hilarity and triumph, with Dynamic members overcoming their fear of heights once and for all.
While people did perform at the top of the company, it was the combined effort that resulted in a team win and a great event.

Jerseys For Humbolt


The Green Team wore their Jerseys on Thursday April 12th 2018 in tribute to the tragic loss of members of the Humboldt Broncos. May the Humboldt Broncos families know of no more sorrow, and may the memories of their loved ones be a source of support and inspiration to all of us.

Logistics in 2018

Customers & Partners,

We trust all is well with your organization through Q1 of 2018.

We would like to share our insights on the changes we’re all experiencing and managing together. The transportation industry is the circulatory system of the economy, and we’re amidst a turbulent transition with capacity and costing. These changes have certainly affected your supply chain, and the ability to service and support your customers.

Key causes to these effects:

  • Economic Growth: The North American economy continues to grow and strengthen, increasing the demand for transportation services in all industries.
  • E-Commerce: The transition from brick and mortar retail to online purchasing trends have spiked demand for just-in-time delivery across all modes. Road, rail, ocean, and air.
  • Electronic Logging Devices: New federal legislation limiting the service time and distance of drivers. This has the greatest effect for many small and medium sized carriers, and especially the 650-1200 kms/400 – 740 miles service lanes. These were commonly 1 day service points, and are now commonly two day delivery. ELDs improve workplace and road safety, but limit capacity in our market.
  • Extreme Weather: This winter’s road conditions, and the ability to travel safely and deliver is also a key factor to the supply and demand crunch in Q1 of 2018. With the devastating natural disasters in the United States, much focus and many transportation resources have been committed to relief and rebuild.
  • Transport Driver Shortages/Capacity: The most important factor are the integral women and men in their careers, and the lack of growth in the profession. The certification and licensing costs have increased over 500% in the last 10 year, a significant startup investment. Furthermore, the average transport driver is 60 + years old, resulting in retirees with fewer new drivers in the succession plan to meet demand.

In response to these changes, here is what we can do together:

  • Driver friendly business: Communicate with your team and logistics partner to allow for more precise and efficient loading on site. This will allow for drivers to perform their pickups more effectively and allow for optimal output; thus limiting the costs of service.
  • Build on our long term Partnership: Let’s strategize together in the short and log term so that your budgetary and delivery expectations and requirements are met for your projects. We all operate in a seconds and minutes environment, with capacity in high demand, so please act on solutions and book while available.
  • Flexibility & Adaptability: In this live solution market, our team and partner network will assure you have all available resources and equipment with and for your suppliers, team, and customers.
  • Insight & Foresight: Please work with our team to provide as much information as possible, so that we can support accordingly. Let’s plan in advance.

We are experiencing an unprecedented supply and demand shift, similar to the housing market or fuel which will over time, correct to a new normal.

Our Dynamic Team thanks you for your continued support and for our partnership, and we look forward to growing together in 2018.


The Dynamic Green Team

If you would like to learn more about the market, please visit these referenced articles:




John Oliver visits the Green Team

IMG_1361 We were excited and honored to have John Oliver, MP for Oakville, join our Green Team for the day.

John was trained on our process, culture, and how we aim to make a difference for our customers and their customers every day.

Thank you for the visit John, and for all you for our community!

Team Building Axtivity!

The Dynamic Connections Green Team aims at the bullseye with and for your business every day!

It takes precision, power, and steadfastness.

What a perfect way to compliment the hard work by the hard play, as the team got together last week at Bad Axe Throwing.

It was a night filled with fun, food, and fearlessness, where the team was able to share a competitive and enjoyable evening outside of the DC headquarters.

Dynamic Connections is always looking to add fearless, accurate, Axe-citing members to join our growing team!

To learn more about how you can join a Axellent team of professionals, visit our Careers page and email your resume to HR@DynamicConnections.com

The Green Team at Bad Axe Throwing!The Green Team at Bad Axe Throwing!

The Importance of Relationships

relationshipsIn business, collaborative relationships are the foundation for winning results together. Sometimes, the best friendships can be derived from business relationships. At Dynamic Connections, we truly value each and every relationship we build with our customers.

We wanted to highlight and share a story about one special customer and friend of ours: Tom Klinedinst.

When we first started began our partnership with Tom, he reviewed our website and connected with us via email: “After watching the episode of you with the gentlemen on Redemption Inc. and taking a look at your website, I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I’m inspired by what you are doing. I think your message is incredibly powerful and brilliantly simple.”

He was able to relate to the story by sharing about his family and the obstacles they had overcome together.

He wrote, “About 1 year ago we found a terrific residential home for Tyler and he has thrived there. But after he left I started to think about how I could help other caregivers to cope, find strength, laugh, cry, or just be inspired to continue on. Currently I am working on some ideas with a local pastor (who is also involved with special needs folks) in how we can perhaps create luncheons which caregivers can attend in order to share our stories and draw strength from each other. I look forward to leading this someday soon. BUT, for now, I created www.mywalkwithtyler.com which is a simple blog that is intended to be a voice for caregivers, especially special needs parents, to hopefully make a difference in some way. I’m thrilled that the blog just passed 5000 page views and has reached people on 6 continents. I’ve had people reach out to me in very personal ways and let me know it has effected them. That is a beautiful thing.”

We have since kept in touch with Tom, who has recently told us about another young boy with autism.

Zachary, a brilliant, energetic, and caring 13 year old, has lost enthusiasm for his birthday.

The article can be found here, or online at the York Daily Record.

Dynamic Connections and the MAD Movement have put together a gift and card to send Zachary. If you have the opportunity, send him a card as well to the address below! It is small gestures like this that help make a difference in someone’s life.


Zachary Foller
4550 Bull Road  Lot 21
Dover, Pa.  17315

Dynamic Connections and Tom were able to evolve a business relationship into a caring friendship with a mutual understanding and desire to good for others.

We want to thank Tom for sharing a part of his life with us, connecting us with Zachary, and allowing us to help make a difference together.

Carpe Every Diem! 🙂
helen keller

Holiday Potluck Fundraiser!

With the holiday season in full swing, the Green Team decided to have a potluck lunch at work on Monday, December 19th! President, Steve Frenkiel has continued the fundraising tradition! 


The Green Team was challenged to make their most enticing dish, where each member would vote for their favourite dish. The first, second, and third place winners were given $150, $100, and $50 respectively, to donate to the charity of their choice.

The potluck was once again, a delicious success! With Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Chilli to Apple Crumble and Candy Crack, the competition was high!

1st place
went to Michael Cornack with his playful’ jalapeno poppers, double breaded and stuffed with a cheese medley and bacon bits! 
2nd place went to Tony Hunter with his 12-hour sultry smoked turkey! 
3rd place went to James Cook who proved he could with his jazzy jerk chicken and rice!

An honourable mention goes to Ashley Bucar with her fiesta filled black bean, corn, and cilantro salad, placing a close 4th.


As Michael Cornack is donates monthly to the Sick Kids Foundation, he has chosen to donate his winnings to the McMaster Children’s Hospital. We were able to get a statement from Cornack: “I would like to thank the voters, the farmers for their hard work, and the grocery stores for their support. I hope that my donation inspires others this holiday season to donate to a charity that is close to their heart!”

At the beginning of December, Tony Hunter, 2nd place winner, and his family had decided that they wanted to fund raise for Toys for Tots this year! Tony & James have pooled their winnings to add to the Toys for Tots fund. Tony has requested that if anyone wishes to contribute, they are able to email him at thunter@dynamicconnections.com. He will be accepting donations until Saturday, December 24th.


The Dynamic Connections’ Green team thanks their customers and partners for their continued support over the past year and who has allowed them to make these types of fundraisers possible. We not only want to Make A Difference for our customers’ business, but for the lives of others!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!