April 13, 2020 admin

F45 vs Green Team


At the beginning of March, the Dynamic Connections Team got together at the F45 Training Facility in Oakville and took part in the F45 Training workout.  It was great to see the team out there pushing themselves.


The F45 Training workout is design to push your personal limits during each of the 17 exercises.  You have roughly 55 seconds to push you limits and complete as much as you possibly can.   In our Industry, we deal with this scenario daily.  Short time frames while pushing for results.  We live on the saying “minutes and seconds” and this was easy to apply to our F45 outing.  Even when you thought you weren’t going to make it, a team member stepped in with encouragement to help you push through and get the job done.  We all completed the workout and felt our hard work for the next coming days. 😊


Great Job Green Team.