February 1, 2014 admin

We’ve Been Published: The Corporate Wizards

Dynamic Connections’ President has been featured in Michael Caldwell’s new book: “The Corporate Wizards”. The book includes inspiring stories of Canadian entrepreneurs who take company building to a high art form. We would like to thank all of our customers and partner carriers for believing in the Dynamic Connections’ model for business.

corporate wizards

We truly do believe that following the Customer Success Cycle allows our customers to have full visibility and control.  We utilize the Customer Success Cycle to do just that: provide growth and build success for our customers. Here is a special segment from the novel.

“I’m in a business with literally thousands of competitors and the perception is that we’re all exactly the same, offering the same service,” notes Giles. However, his third-party logistics company’s dynamic and communicative approach has led to their rapid rise, by excelling in an area where their rivals often fail.

Giles explains, “I always say to our employees that everything in our business is minutes and seconds. If you deal with anything over days or hours, you’ve probably lost it. It needs to be minutes and seconds. If you’re not ready to go, if you’re not willing to go that extra mile, you won’t succeed. Our company name says it all. There is a dynamic nature of every shipment, every situation, every phone call, every conversation. We are always looking for the errors, looking for people leaving out details, which will impede the process. And by doing so, you’re really building a connection.

“Delivery is a chance at a connection. That is a chance at building a solid foundation for people to rely on. A chance for people, the consumers, to understand that our customers knew what they needed, and we helped them deliver on what they said they’d do. That’s our name. That’s our business. That’s our job.”